NAD C 368 is ‘Effectively Bulletproof’ in AVS Forum Review

“Right out of the box, the C 368 is ready to make music,” says Mark Henninger in his AVS Forum review of the NAD C 368. As one of the latest components in NAD’s Classic Series, the Hybrid Digital DAC amplifier has already received critical acclaim from Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity, and Henninger’s review is no exception. “In my time with the C 368, I found it to be effectively bulletproof.”

Describing the C 368 as a “compact, affordable, connected, expandable modular audio tool,” Henninger applauds the unit for its versatility and ease of use. “From acting as a headphone amp, to serving as a hi-res DAC for Tidal while running various speakers, [the C 368] performed admirably.” Testing the C 368 with Triton Five towers and the KEF R500s, Henninger found that the C 368 delivered a “bracing listening experience.” When it came time to use high-performance headphones like the HiFiMan Edition X V2, Henninger was struck by how the C 368 “always rose to the task and provided plenty of power plus precision.”

Henninger further stressed that “with this unit, thanks to its drama-free, neutral, yet meticulous presentation, you’re not listening to a DAC and you’re not listening to an amplifier. Rather, you’re listening to speakers and you’re listening to the music itself—as it should be.”


Read AVS Forum’s full review here

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