“Totally Awesome” NAD M32 digital amplifier

M32 Digital Amplifier

NAD M32 is “awesome, totally awesome” in CE PRO Review

“CE PRO reviewed the high-performance NAD Masters M32 digital amplifier and Bluesound Pulse 2 powered speaker to experience a couple of zones of BluOS sound and functionality.”

“Overall, getting the M32 up and running did not take very long thanks to the streamlined setup process.”

“Choosing the sources through the app was easy enough, and I was just stunned at how pinpoint, warm and articulate the M32 sounded.”


“listening to high-resolution audio content from TIDAL…I found myself sounding a lot like Jeff Spicoli saying “… awesome, totally awesome” in describing what I was hearing.”

“What was really noticeable with the Avenged Sevenfold content was how much bigger and more impactful the MQA high-resolution content sounded than standard CD fare. The imaging the M32 produced was tight and locked in, and the soundstage was big…I simply loved the products. ”

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