NAD C 368 Out Performs in Home Theater HiFi Review

“To say that I am impressed with the features and performance that the NAD C 368 offers at this price point is an understatement,” says Yongki Go in his Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity review of NAD’s latest amplifier. Covering everything from design, features and set up, Go’s review is both thorough and complimentary.

Beginning with the C 368’s exterior, Go quickly moves to the amp’s inner workings. “…the C 368 may be mistaken as a conventional integrated amplifier. On closer inspection, however, it proves to be much more.” Go highlights the C 368’s ability to serve as a DAC for a variety of digital sources, as well as being equipped with a separate headphone amplifier. Go then discusses the benefits of adding NAD’s BluOS MDC module, which creates the possibility of having a wireless high-resolution multi-room music system. “The NAD C 368 with BluOS upgrade is a feature-laden high-value product that does everything it is intended to do very well, embracing especially hi-res network music streaming to its fullest.”

Go’s testing of the C 368 marked his first exposure to MQA® music, which he states ultimately helped make him a believer of the revolutionary end-to-end Master Quality Authenticated technology. “It was my first exposure to MQA streaming and the C 368/BluOS conveyed convincingly the superiority of this high-resolution streaming format to make a believer out of me. That by itself is worthy of a separate accolade to NAD.”

While Go praises many of the C 368’s features, it is ultimately the amp’s performance that wins him over. “Not only is the C 368 loaded with features, but also a strong all-around sonic performer with high bit-rates processing capable of accommodating current state-of-the-art high-definition music streaming, further elevating its performance.”


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