NAD C 368 Wins AVForums Recommended Award

It takes a mighty component to dispel negative views of Class D amplifiers, but in his AV Forums review of the NAD C 368 Hybrid DAC Amplifier writer Ed Selley says the amp does just that and more. Culminating in a rating of 8/10, Selley applauds the C 368 for its refinement and intimacy.

“This is a big, lush, full bodied sounding amp that has a warmth and three dimensionality to it that is almost valve-like,” says Selley. When listening to a FLAC version of Calexico’s 2012 album Algiers, Selley notes that it’s hard not to be enthralled by the C 368’s overall presentation. Later in the review, Selley takes a trip back to the 1990s with Massive Attack’s debut album Blue Lines, which when played through the C 368 fully demonstrates the amp’s solid bass response.

Selley concludes his review by saying that the C 368 is one of the most sophisticated amplifiers he’s reviewed in awhile.


Read the full AV Forums review here

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