Five Stars for New NAD Masters Amplifier Combo

In the latest hardware review on the British audio website, The Ear, the NAD Masters M12 Digital Preamp DAC and M22 Stereo Power Amplifier received the website’s highest rating of five stars from their editor, René van Es. The pre/power amplifier combo made a big impression for putting music first, van Es states in the review, “the NAD pair has no problem opening up the sound showing the finesse of the recording”. René van Es clearly proclaims his love for analogue, yet quickly changes pace after listening to the “not-so-digital” sound of the M12 preamplifier: “nothing is lost from the beautiful, smooth playback that characterizes pure analogue, it sounds different compared to analogue amplification, but not in the sense that you hear less, it’s not digital nor rougher/sharper/nasty/etc.”

It’s the final conclusion, however, that sums up the new NAD Masters preamp/power amp combo best: “the NAD amps will appeal to anyone that wants flexibility combined with massive power, the enthusiast who thinks green, the music lover with analogue and digital sources. The M12 preamp with the M22 power amplifier is for anyone who wants to get to the heart of the music.”

Read the full review here on The Ear.

This review was originally published in Dutch here on

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