Stereophile Reviews New NAD Masters AV Amps

“NAD has never simply repackaged available chips and modules, but has always gone their own way,” said Kalman Rubinson of Stereophile in his latest audio column, Music in the Round, which this month features a comprehensive review of the new M17 AV Surround Sound Preamplifier and M27 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier. Stereophile’s review provides an in-depth look at NAD’s pre-pro and power amplifier from the new NAD Masters Series, praising the two home theatre components for their “notably clean and punchy sound” and “additional presence and detail in the midrange and a tightening of the bass”. Rubinson commented and said, “the midrange and treble were completely free of any grain or, significantly, the grayish character that is a consistent flaw in the sounds of many of the otherwise excellent Class-D amps I’ve used.”

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