D 3020 Digital Amp Review from Australian HiFi

NAD’s D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier has inherited much from its forerunner, the iconic NAD 3020 Stereo Amplifier from the 80s. However, the addition of aptX Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and an asynchronous 24-bit/192kHZ USB input, plus a number of other new nextgen enhancements, means the D 3020 is built for today’s music lover. The sound experts at Australian HiFi (AVHub.com) couldn’t agree more and they were quick to recognise the D 3020’s sonic qualities in their September/October Issue; “it’s amazing that such a physically small amplifier, without any visible heatsinks, can produce such deafening levels of sound”.

Highly respected Australian HiFi editor Dean Shopes first heard the amplifier and said “its [high-frequency] level was always perfectly balanced against the mids and it was also unerringly clean, with no distortion, no high-frequency noise and no audible HF clutter”. He capped off the incredible review with this conclusion,  “if you’re after a small form-factor, vertically-oriented amplifier that’s absolutely ideal for computer-based/streaming applications, NAD’s new D 3020 is a little cracker.”

Read the full September/October review here from Australian HiFi.

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