D 3020 Amplifer Gets CE Pro Editor’s Pick


In the June article on CE Pro editor Robert Archer selects the NAD D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier for a CE Pro Editor’s Pick in the review. Archer said this compact versatile amplifier is breaking new ground in the audio industry with a edgy new look and a feature set that is audiophile-approved and the perfect suit for desktop listening, small music system and 2.1 setups with soundbars.

“The small-footprint 3020 D is a lifestyle-friendly solution that offers 30 watts of power to each channel, as well as a touch-sensitive interface, a simple volume knob and a credit-card size remote control.”

“In each listening scenario, it really only takes a matter of minutes to set up the amplifier and companion components.”

“With the ability to effortlessly drive a two-channel passive soundbar and connect to a powered sub, the 3020 D does everything that a majority of homeowners want from their A/V systems.”

Read the full review here.

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