HP50 Headphone is a Sound and Vision Top Pick

In the June edition of Sound and Vision, sound expert Steve Guttenberg (with a little help from editor Brent Butterworth’s Test Bench) awards the NAD VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones with the coveted Sound and Vision Top Pick award in a spectacular comprehensive review of NAD’s first-ever headphone design. Guttenberg said: “the NAD VISO HP50 sounds smooth as silk, with excellent detail reheadphones-sound-vision-top-picktrieval, a big soundstage, and bass with the perfect balance of speed and low-end oomph.”

While “NAD’s first headphone scores high on every front – style, sound, comfort and value” was Sound and Vision’s award verdict. Brent Butterworth also commented from the Test Bench to say; “distortion is practically non-existent, even at a loud level of 100dBA.”

Read the full NAD VISO HP50 review here.