NAD C 368 is a ‘tour de force’ in AV Nirvana Review

NAD C 368 amp lifestyle


“The NAD C 368 connected me to my music in a way that few products have,” says Matthew J Poes in his AV Nirvana review of the Hybrid Digital DAC amplifier. In his review, Poes recalls his first NAD component, the NAD 306, which he likens to the famed NAD 3020. “What made the 3020 and 306, and now the C 368, wonderful products is that they all just worked extremely well.” After unboxing the C 368 and admiring its casework and front panel display, Poes says it became “clear that it was built to a higher standard.”

“Internally, the NAD is a technological tour de force, containing some of the best quality parts on the market,” says Poes. Amongst the C 368’s many technologies, one that stood out in particular for Poes was BluOS®, NAD’s innovative music management software. “This was huge value for me, the idea of being able to use one application to control sound everywhere immensely simplifies my life.” Poes continued to say that what sets BluOS apart from the competition is that “it is a true audiophile software solution that seamlessly integrates a wide range of music sources into a single application and allows users to send those sources wherever they want (as long as it’s part of the BluOS ecosystem, of course) and it works really well.”

When it came time to test the C 368’s performance, Poes used a wide variety of content from Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” to the 2015 sci-fi fantasy film Victor Frankenstein. When listening to the 1982 classic, Poes says that “there was nothing distracting in the presentation of ‘Billy Jean’.” Furthermore, Poes found that the NAD C 368 “revealed new sonic details” when listening to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” As for films, Poes says the C 368 proved to be “dynamically powerful” while watching the high-action sequences found in Victor Frankenstein.”

In the end, Poes concluded that the NAD C 368 “is an easy recommendation for your short list.”




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