D 3020 Grabs Top Pick of the Year Award

You can’t help but think about the hi-fi legend, NAD 3020 stereo amplifier, with the new NAD D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier. Quickly building esteem with excellent reviews, and winning over editors in listening tests, the NAD D 3020 is creating its own path in the new era of digital music.

Editors like Daniel Kumin of Sound and Vision, the largest North American home entertainment and hi-fi magazine, heard it instantly when auditioning it for the Top Pick of the Year Awards. And let’s just say, based on what he said, it was a lock as one of the best.

“…the Chesky-recorded ‘Tain’t So,’ another piano-solo FLAC (176/24; Dick Hyman) sounded even better, with superbly natural ping to hammer strikes and richly three-dimensional air around accented treble notes.”

“In the flesh, the D 3020 has a look and feel you instantly want to own, with tactile rubberized surfaces and a distinctly Euro-rounded, honeyI-shrunk-the-projector shape I liked very much.”

“…the D 3020’s obviously superb sonics with high-resolution material. Its elegant looks, especially when vertical (the NAD can lie either way) and impressively high-quality feel don’t hurt, either.”

Read the full Sound and Vision review here.

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