Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Award for C 510

British magazine Hi-Fi Choice awarded the NAD C 510 Direct Digital Preamp DAC a “Hi-Fi Choice Recommended” accolade in a perfect five-out-of-five review in the March edition of the magazine – an award that recognizes the research & development of new NAD digital amplifier technologies. Long time Hi-Fi Choice contributor, Ed Selley, provides an in-depth three-page review of the C 510 and highlights it with a full five-star rating for its smooth sound quality and incredible value: “there is something about the space afforded to voices and instruments that is more reminiscent of tubes than serious digital processing…vocals in particular are rich, weighty and effortlessly convincing”.

In addition to the excellent five-star verdict it received, Hi-Fi Choice said the only thing that comes close to the liquidity sound quality of the C 510 is a well-designed valve preamp, “NAD has achieved its design brief with the C 510 – it genuinely is an excellent preamp that happens to be digital, but none of this sheer ability has come at the expense of ironing the joy out of music”.

Read the full review here.

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