Add Exciting New Features to NAD Components with MDC2

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Must all technology products eventually become obsolete? Not necessarily, as NAD proved when we launched our Modular Design Construction technology in 2006. MDC lets owners of NAD components add new capabilities by inserting optional modules into a slot on the back of their NAD amplifier or receiver.

NAD has MDC modules that add 4K video and Dolby Atmos immersive audio to legacy AV receivers. Owners of MDC-compatible NAD amplifiers can add features like multi-room music streaming and USB digital-to-analog conversion.

In 2021, NAD introduced our next-generation future-proofing technology, MDC2. MDC2 improves on MDC by enabling two-way communications between the module and host component. This allows exciting new functions, such as automatic room correction. The first NAD component to support MDC2 is the C 399 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier. NAD’s first MDC2 module is the MDC2 BluOS-D.

The model name gives a couple of clues about the MDC BluOS-D’s capabilities. “BluOS” refers to the award-winning software platform that underpins Bluesound streaming audio products and a growing number of NAD streaming amplifiers, while “D” refers to Dirac Live room correction. Here are of some of the exciting capabilities that the MDC2 BluOS-D will add to the C 399 – and future MCD2-compatible components as well.


MDC2 BluOS-D Module Blog Post-C399 MDC2


Internet Streaming

The MDC2 BluOS-D has Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking. Using the free BluOS Controller app, listeners can play music from Internet streaming services and web radio stations. BluOS has integrated support for more than 20 services, including several that offer lossless CD-resolution and high-res audio, such as Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music Ultra HD, Deezer and Idagio. Like all BluOS-enabled components, the MDC2 BluOS-D supports high-res audio to 24-bits/192kHz PCM. Also, it has MQA decoding and rendering capability, for high-res streaming from Tidal.

Multi-room Music

The MDC2 BluOS-D enables the C 399 to be part of a whole-home music system with as many as 64 zones. A BluOS multi-room setup can include Bluesound wireless speakers and amplifiers, and BluOS-enabled components from NAD and third-party licensees. You can have different music playing in different zones, or group zones together so that they play the same music simultaneously. Thanks to MDC2’s two-way architecture, you can even stream music from source components connected to the C 399 to other rooms. If you’re listening to an album in the living room through the C 399 when it’s time to prepare dinner, you can use BluOS’s FollowMe feature to transfer playback to a Bluesound wireless speaker in the kitchen.



Smartphone Support

The MDC2 BluOS-D supports Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. With AirPlay 2, you can stream audio from an iPhone, iPad or Macintosh computer through the C 399. With Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect, you can cue up music in the apps for those services, then transfer playback to the C 399. The MDC2 BluOS-D also has two-way Bluetooth, so that it can receive audio wirelessly from a mobile device and transmit audio to Bluetooth earphones.

File-based Playback

The MDC2 BluOS-D has a USB port for connecting an external drive filled with music. This can be music that you’ve purchased or music that you’ve ripped from a CD. You can also stream music from computers and storage devices on your home network to the MDC2 BluOS-D.

Voice Control

The MDC2 BluOS-D supports the Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri protocols. Ask Alexa or Siri to play some soft jazz through the C 399, then sit back and listen.



MDC2 BluOS-D Module Blog Post-Room Correction



Room Correction

All the MDC2 BluOS-D benefits discussed so far relate to BluOS; now we come to the “D” part: Dirac Live room correction. The C 399 is a superb-sounding amplifier, with exquisite detail, superb portrayal of space, and thrilling dynamics. By counteracting acoustic problems like standing waves and unwanted reflections, Dirac Live takes the C 399’s sound to a whole other level.

The MDC2 BluOS-D includes a calibrated microphone for performing room measurements. Connect the mic to the MDC2 BluOS-D’s USB port, then follow the instructions in the Dirac app. Dirac will play test tones through your loudspeakers, analyze the results, then upload correction curves to the MDC2 BluOS-D. With Dirac Live enabled, listeners will enjoy vastly improved clarity, tonal accuracy and stereo imaging. And thanks to MDC2’s two-way communications, Dirac Live works on all sources connected to the C 399.


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