MT 1

Media Tuner Module
This product is no longer for sale.

They say good things come in small packages, and the NAD MDC MT 1 Media Tuner proves this to be true. An innovative module that slots into the MDC port of all C 356BEE and C 375BEE Integrated Amplifiers, the MT 1 brings the amplifiers right up to date with the latest in digital music streaming. Furthermore, the DAC technology inside the MT 1 is pure NAD, offering the warm musical experience that listeners love to hear. Supporting Wi-Fi connection, the MDC MT 1 is also a UPnP client, making it the easiest and best sounding way to get music to your NAD C 356BEE or C 375BEE straight from your NAS. While it may be small and unassuming on the outside, the MT 1 is the perfect product to take your existing system to the next level.

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