NAD C 338 Appeals to All Listeners in Hi-Fi News Review

In Hi-Fi News’ September review of the NAD C 338, writer Cliff Joseph describes the Classic Series amplifier as a combination of traditional audiophile qualities and music lover essentials. Including two optical inputs, two coaxial, and an MM phono stage, Joseph says that the C 338 is an affordable amp that will impress a wide variety of users.

Beginning with the C 338’s RCA connectors for TV input, Joseph comments on how seamlessly the unit fits into any home entertainment setup. Recognizing NAD’s longstanding audiophile roots, Joseph goes on to highlight the C 338’s numerous hi-fi features, including the amp’s analogue line-ins.

When it comes time to test the amp’s performance, Joseph uses the music of Queen and My Chemical Romance. Playing Queen’s “Somebody To Love,” Joseph comments that the C 338 allows each voice on the track to be heard. While listening to My Chemical Romance’s “Planetary (Go!),” Joseph marvels at how the C 338 helps each instrument reach its full potential.

As the first hi-fi amplifier to feature Chromecast built-in, Joseph says that the streaming technology outshines Bluetooth. Joseph concludes his review by saying “… the C 338 successfully punches above its weight, combining a precise, well-balanced sound with a range of digital input options that will satisfy audiophiles and technophiles alike.”


Read the full review in the September 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.

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