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NAD C399 TV and Headphones


How can a product designer account for future demands or technological breakthroughs which have yet to make themselves known? How can one expect the unexpected? Creating a device that will withstand the test of time requires a bit of creative thinking. In 2007, NAD introduced a feature to their A/V receivers which offered a solution for what the future would hold. Modular Design Construction (MDC), took a page from the computer world and applied it to consumer electronics. The T765, T775 and T785 receivers were designed with what looked like expansion slots on a PC. Under the hood, these receivers were endowed with a substantial amount of processing power and a vast array of signal pathways. The screen market is driven by new technologies such as increased resolutions, color gamuts, refresh rates and dynamic range – so connectivity on connected devices must keep up. The audio side usually follows suit with new immersive audio formats that also require more bandwidth. NAD created MDC to address these innovations beginning with their AVRs and stereo amplifiers. Simple in concept, but extremely complex in its execution, MDC has given NAD a substantial advantage in the race to adapt to the next big thing.

Built to Last

Amplifier technology tends to change more slowly than that of its connected devices. At the heart of NAD’s design philosophy is building affordable, high-quality amplifiers which are built to last a long time. Modular design construction provides an economical way for dealers to support their end users with simple to perform updates. At its core, MDC brings latitude to add features that are off the horizon of current technological trends. When Dolby Atmos and 4K video entered the world of media resolutions, MDC was able to upgrade NAD receivers nearly 12 years old with the capacity to process the new formats. Since nobody foresaw Dolby Atmos entering the market 12 years ago, the adaptability of this unit became its greatest strength. Be it an integrated amplifier or receiver, NAD’s units, equipped with robust processing power and paired with the flexibility of MDC, are built to adapt to what comes next.


MDC2 – A World of Possibility

Riding on the success of MDC, NAD launched a second version of the module 2021 with its launch of the NAD C 399 HybridDigital nCore stereo amplifier. Modular Design Construction 2 (MDC2) features an all-new design that enables bidirectional communications between the module and host component, allowing a dramatically wider range of upgrade options such as room correction and streaming local sources around the house. The first MDC2 module – MDC2 BluOS-D, supports internet music streaming, multi-room music management, smartphone support, file-based playback, voice control and Dirac Live room correction, further expanding MDC technology with complex data handling power.

Looking to the Future

Long before upgradability was seen as an asset, NAD designed MDC technology to provide hi-fi enthusiasts with a way to let their prized amplifier or receiver stand the test of time. Fast forward to the present-day – technology has never been quicker to evolve, and MDC is the way for NAD owners to keep up with technological trends without having to sacrifice their premium units. For integrators, this means having the leverage to provide clients with periodical updates to their home entertainment system, countering the finite warranties of traditional home theatre solutions. To the customer, it means spending money on a good component because power that lasts is a worthwhile investment.


Learn more about NAD’s MDC solutions here

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