Chris Vlachos Descriptive Text


Scene: Chris Vlachos going through the process of pplaying a vinyl record on his turntable.


Chris Vlachos: What I like about vinyl is the ritual of pulling out an album, being able to see the liner notes.


Chris Vlachos: The ritual of giving the album a clean with a brush and getting the dust and static off of it.


Chris Vlachos: And I like the, y’know, occasional pop that I know it’s actually got some history to it.

Chris Vlachos: But I also like the fact that it’s got a naturalness to it.


Scene: Chris Vlachos sitting on couch.


Chris Vlachos: My name is Chris Vlachos and this is My First NAD.


Scene: Scene setter of busy highway in Pensacola, United States. Advertisements of the old NAD products Chris owned appear on screen.


Chris Vlachos: When I went away to college, this is mid 80’s in fact this was 1985-’86, a very good friend of mine had just a very, an unbelievably to me sounding stereo and it was an NAD…a 3140, 2140…In fact I liked it so much I ended up buying that from him. So that was my first exposure to audio and I’ve stayed with NAD ever since.


Chris Vlachos: In 1991 when I graduated from law school. I bought an NAD 1600 preamp and a 2100 power envelope. I still have those two and they still work great today. I still use em.


Scene: Showing detail on the parts and specifications of the NAD products Chris owned.


Chris Vlachos: It’s pretty amazing that they’ve lasted this long and still sound as great as they did the day that I bought em.


Scene: Inside Chris’ house. Family photos and vinyl collection on display.


Chris Vlachos: What kind of music did I first listen to growing up? Well I listened to classic rock and roll and that would’ve been late 70s, early 80s stuff like Led Zepplin, The Who, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Bob Seager, some of the Detroit stuff, Ted Nugent, fact ACDC “Back in Black” was the first album that I bought.


Chris Vlachos: But I had older brothers that had already been listening to music so they kind of rubbed off on me if you will.


Scene: Pan of Chris’ sound system on display in listening room.


Chris Vlachos: The current NAD units that I own are the Master’s Series M12, the matching amplifier, the M22. I am extremely pleased with both units.


Scene: Chris sitting on couch


Chris Vlachos: In my experience when I put on a recording of somebody that I’ve actually seen live in concert and it just seems to be…I can close my eyes and I feel like I’m at a performance.


Scene: Chris playing a vinyl record.


Chris Vlachos: It sounds like that when I play it on my system. To me that’s a measure of good equipment.


Title: “My First NAD” Logo appears on screen, link appears then fades to black.