Stefan Gershater Descriptive Text


Scene: Bus travelling down busy London street, Stefan Gershater Walking down the street.


Stefan Gershater: The kind of music that I listened to growing up was very heavily influenced by my dad. Old school rhythm and blues through classical music, Vivaldi….Mozart. then to things like Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Iron Maiden, and everything in between.


Scene: Stefan talking on couch in apartment.


Stefan Gershater: Hi my name is Stefan and this is my first NAD.


Title: My First NAD Logo


Scene: Stefan talking on couch in apartment.


Stefan Gershater: The kind of music I am listening to right now is really influenced by London.


Scene: Stefan walking under a bridge, passing some swans.


 London’s gotta be one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world and I’ve done a significant amount of travel, I’ve been very fortunate to listen to music right around the globe but the venues here are just so diverse.


Scene: Stefan enters coffee shop and buys coffee.


Stefan Gershater: For me right now it’s about American folk music, contemporary folk, Americana, also a bit of outlaw country which is really weird for me but anyway it’s kinda cool.


Stefan Gershater: Music is such a personal thing.


Scene: Close ups of Stefan interacting with NAD product


Stefan Gershater: I liked the NAD for a few reasons. I guess on one level it was its provenance so I really liked the story about how NAD was formed, about the idea that it was really creating equipment that meant that music, good music, was accessible to every man.


Scene: Stefan walking along the water


Stefan Gershater: So I bought the C 340 and it lived a long and productive life through five or six different houses where I lived.


Scene: Apartment building

Stefan Gershater: It saw me get married, it saw the birth of my children, and music was always in the background and was always a feature.


Scene: Close up of NAD product.


Stefan Gershater: It was just robust in the first instance. It was clearly very well made, the build quality was excellent.


Scene: Stefan talking on couch in apartment.


Stefan Gershater: It was simple. There just weren’t too many knobs and dials which I always found a little bit naff. But then when you switched it on and even at low levels you could hear intonation in the music which just wasn’t resolved by other equipment that I had used up until that point.


Scene: Stefan enters apartment and heads over to power on sound system.


Stefan Gershater: So the detail was still there in the soft passages of the music and then it would ramp up the dynamics very exciting it really drove you and it just made music as close to a live performance as I had ever heard in my living room.


Stefan Gershater: I replaced it with an NAD C 375 which is what I have today.


Scene: Stefan talking on couch in apartment.


Stefan Gershater: It wasn’t a foregone conclusion at the time that I would go back to NAD. I listened to what was out there at my price range, again was blind auditioning.


Scene: Biker rides past Stefan on the street.


Stefan Gershater: Honestly I came back to it because it was the best sound for the money that I had.


Scene: Stefan talking on couch in apartment.


And really it’s picked up where the 340 left off. It’s bigger it’s beefier it’s louder it’s more detailed it’s just an extra step of refinement from where I started but couldn’t be happier.


The thing that distinguishes NAD in the market is simplicity. It does one job really, really well. Which is to turn music from a signal into a sound. And that’s all you really want it to do, and it does that excellently.


Title: NAD 45th Anniversary logo


Scene: Stefan talking on couch in apartment.


Stefan Gershater: Cool. I wasn’t even making any of that up can you believe that?