Descriptive Text for Jeff Locke My First NAD Video


[Music Plays]


Scene: Cars and traffic maneuvering through the city of Toronto.


Jeff Locke: I was in a small town so it was kinda like one record store. I just walked there after school and picked up my records. A lot of 45’s that I would buy there too.


Scene: Jeff walks into Tonality record store.


Jeff Locke: At that time when you’re maybe grade 7, grade 8, and music is really really important…like one of the most important things for me at the time, so ya, very excited by new releases.


Jeff Locke: I’m Jeff Locke, and this is my first NAD.


Scene: Jeff browses some of the records in the store.


Jeff Locke: I grew up listening to whatever my parents were listening to so at the time it was things like Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, we listened to a lot of Rolling Stones. Even my grandparents were big, big music fans. They had a really nice hi-fi at home as well.


Scene: Jeff plays a record on a turntable.


Jeff Locke: There’s was generally the Glen Miller kinda big band era of music but they loved music. My Grandma loved dancing…so there was always music on at their house too.


Scene: Jeff Listening to record with headphones, adjusting volume knob.


Jeff Locke: So when I first got into audio, and I had moved out on my own.


Scene: Jeff sitting at his kitchen table


Jeff Locke: I picked up what I could afford at the time which was a pretty decent stereo system…but unfortunately about a year after being there my place was robbed and I didn’t have the money to replace it at the time. So I had to go out to like thrift shops and I found a pretty bad amplifier. I grabbed some speakers that I had purchased out of the back of a van so not a terribly legitimate purchase, but it was cheap. It was maybe $120. And that’s the system I used for probably a good 20 years.


Jeff Locke: I upgraded briefly when I found on garbage day some of my neighbours had put out some pretty nice bookshelf speakers at the time.


Scene: Jeff buying record from store.


Jeff Locke: But then I was just thinking I’ve been working for 20 years, I’ve got a decent job…gotta have like a little bit of self respect here I shouldn’t be dumpster diving for audio, I should actually invest a little money in this hobby so after going to a local kinda hifi audio shop I auditioned some equipment.


Scene: Jeff putting a record on his turntable and adjusting knobs.


Jeff Locke: Listen to a lot of NAD amplifiers and they just sounded great. They had the most value, best build quality.


Scene: Jeff in his listening room listening to sound system.


Jeff Locke: Just a really nice accurate sound production, sounded crystal clear so I was sold. I picked up the NAD C 356BEE. It’s high-end audio but for good value. Like when I was comparing it with other things in and around that price point it just seemed to make the most sense I think. Simple, clean and sturdy. It weighs a lot I feel like it’s gonna be around for many, many years.


Scene: Jeff’s equipment in listening room.


Jeff Locke: When I first brought it home and set it all up…hearing your own records again in your own space ‘bout the difference between my old ridiculous amplifier and the underpowered speakers


Scene: jeff sitting on couch with dog


Jeff Locke: to hearing one of my favourite records for the first time again it was really, really different. I can’t believe what I was dealing with or allowing myself to deal with for the last 20 years so it was just like a breath of fresh air.


Scene: Jeff plugging in guitar and adjusting pedals.


Jeff Locke: Music, it’s kinda cheesy but it is the soundtrack of your life and you remember travelling that you’ve done, friends that you’ve had, concerts you’ve gone to, you know memories from school you kind of attach it to music and I think that’s pretty special.


Scene: Jeff sitting at kitchen table


Jeff Locke: So if I was to give advice for someone looking to get into audio or music you know spend some time with it. Definitely read reviews online.


Scene: Jeff putting headphones on.

Jeff Locke: But go into some stores where you can actually audition the equipment and hear it for yourself. Spend a little bit of money on it, it’s well worth it for the kind of joy music can bring you and definitely does for me on a weekly basis.


Scene: NAD 45th Anniversary Graphic appears on screen