[Guitar/trumpet sounds start playing)


Scene: Shots of some of the buildings in Dundas, Ontario, including city sign. Fades to David and Nathan Palmer playing instruments on their couch.


Title: My First NAD Logo


David Palmer: I’m David Palmer and this is my first NAD.


Scene: David Palmer talking on couch discussing how he got his first NAD. NAD advertisements flash on screen.


David Palmer: I think there was a big promotion on back then and it was like I was going to get this gear for considerably less than it was originally advertised for.


Scene: David Palmer setting up his NAD product.


David Palmer: I loved it. I guess that was where I listened to it at first and then I finally did get it home and had it hooked up to the rest of my stereo it was night and day, it was musical nirvana.


Scene: The Palmers are sitting in their backyard enjoying the evening, with occasional shots of the Palmers setting up their sound system.


David Palmer: Every dad gets a kick out of showing their kid something new or something that’s from their past and that was a prideful thing that, here listen to this, this is part of your musical education… you gotta hear this y’know, what’s this band’s name? King Crimson…you gotta hear this band.


David Palmer: The first time you heard the NAD 2600 and 1300 was when your mother was pregnant with you. We used to listen to the music all the time and.. you were an embryo. You were a fetus.


Scene: The Palmers move to their couch inside and play a guitar/trumpet duet. Nathan Palmer discusses the legacy his dad passed on to him. Occasional shots of the stereo system are shown.


Nathan Palmer: I have a question first, should I be doing an original or a cover?


David Palmer: B and E

Alright B and E


(music playing)


Nathan Palmer: Hi I’m Nathan Palmer and this is my first NAD.


Nathan Palmer: I would say I’ve had a phenomenal history lesson when it comes to music from my father. I’ve listened to stuff from like the 40’s all the way up to y’know nowadays and through this NAD stereo system.


Nathan Palmer: And then one day my dad was moving and he said y’know come take my stereo system for a while and y’know these thousand records.


Nathan Palmer: I was actually partying that night with some friends. I got em all together we all you know, came down to my dad’s place and threw y’know like a thousand records into the back of a van I was driving at the time and the stereo system and we brought it back to the party and set it up and you know it took a little bit of convincing you know, nobody really wanted to help me. No one understood like the importance and the history of this stereo system and all these albums but I mean once I showed them… vinyl’s all night.


Nathan Palmer: Then Nathan moved, wasn’t able to move with the stereo or just wasn’t conducive to having such a collection where he lives and and I said well we need to make sure that this doesn’t go to waste so it came back to me. And it’s there for Nathan whenever he wants it.


(Music Fades, clapping)


Scene: Fades to My First NAD logo


Scene: David and Nathan are wrapping up their song and get off the couch.

David Palmer: Thanks guys!