NAD D 3020 V2 Wins AVForums Recommended Award

In 2012, NAD Electronics commemorated its 40th anniversary with the release of the D 3020, a digital offspring of the iconic NAD 3020. Jumping ahead a few years later to NAD’s 45th anniversary and we are once again celebrating a milestone with the D 3020 V2. Taking inspiration from its predecessors, the D 3020 V2 starts with the original concept of the 3020 and brings it into the future using the latest high-speed digital technology, as well as a refined look and the added bonus of a Phono input.

These feature upgrades are already receiving praise as evidenced by AVForums’ latest review. In the review, writer Ed Selley says that while the D 3020 V2 builds on the performance of the D 3020, the D 3020 V2 “hasn’t lost that basic desire to entertain.”

“This is neither a thin nor bright sounding amplifier and instead has a pleasant sense of balance and evenness to the way it makes music,” says Selley. On top of Selley’s positive review, AVForums has also given the D 3020 V2 a Recommended Award.


Read AVForums’ full review here

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