NAD D 3020 V2 is ‘Everything You Need’ in Willamette Week Review

D 3020 V2 Amplifier

In Willamette Week’s review of the NAD D 3020 V2, writer Martin Cizmar talks about his search for an amplifier that would complement his already existing system. “I was just looking for an amp to power my awesome new set of ELAC B6 speakers,” says Cizmar. “I was both looking for a step up, and for something that I could use to play my growing collection of SACDs from my Blu-Ray player without using the on-board audio chip.” Enter, the D 3020 V2.

“Turns out, the 3020 [V2’s] reputation is well-deserved. I’ve used this amp for about six weeks now, and will likely buy one after we send the review model back—it’s everything it promises to be and a little more.” A sibling of the infamous NAD 3020, the D 3020 V2 takes everything that made that component great and expands on its features set for modern day audio enthusiasts. “Despite its tiny footprint, the sound is rich, detailed and expansive. It provides more power than I need, delivering a true 40 watts per channel.”

Thanks to the D 3020’s outstanding sound, versatility and power, Cizmar says that  “the new version of the NAD D 3020 is pretty much the perfect amplifier for people who want outstanding sound with a small footprint.”



Read Willamette Week’s full review here.

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