More D 3020 Amp Coverage in Stereophile

In Stereophile’s recent review, the new D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier receives Sam Tellig’s highest rating in his ‘Sam’s Space’ column, mirroring Stephen Mejias’ earlier review where he said, “this might be just the thing for new age audio geeks”. Praising the D 3020’s genius design and natural sound quality, Sam Tellig also noted that NAD’s new Digital Series is fun just to have, no matter how expensive of gear you might own. Plus right now, the editors at Stereophile call it, “the best bargain in all of hi-fi”.

“I’m buying the D 3020 to make it my reference integrated amp. I can’t bear to part with it. My son bought one, too.”

“The NAD makes a splendid backup for almost your entire system.”

Read the full review in Stereophile’s December 2013 edition available now on newsstands.

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