My First NAD - Stefan Gershater

Stefan Gershater grew up in rural West Sussex, England. A lifelong lover of jazz and blues, Stefan purchased his first NAD component, the NAD C 340, at the recommendation of What Hi-Fi? Having owned the C 340 for more than a decade, Stefan eventually upgraded to the NAD C 375 which he still owns today.

My First NAD – David Palmer

David Palmer grew up in Burlington, Ontario. A fan of the Strawbs and Miles Davis, Palmer was first introduced to the world of audio by his childhood best friend. Palmer became acquainted with NAD after seeing an ad from Bay Bloor Radio for the NAD 2600 and NAD 1300, respectively. Palmer eventually bought both units from Fairview HiFi, and later went on to add the NAD 502 to his system as well.

My First NAD – Nathan Palmer

Nathan Palmer was born in Burlington, Ontario. A hardworking young man who leverages a lifestyle that balances the worldly with the spiritual, Palmer is a self-taught guitar player. A keen follower of music, Palmer was introduced to NAD by his father at a young age.

My First NAD – Chris Vlachos

Chris Vlachos grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was while attending the University of Michigan that Vlachos discovered NAD. A friend and fraternity brother had the NAD 3140 and NAD 2140, and after hearing the components Vlachos was hooked. After finishing school, Vlachos upgraded his system with the NAD 1600 and NAD 2100 which he still uses today. Vlachos is also the owner of the NAD M12 and NAD M22.

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