MT 2

Media Tuner
€ 279

While it may look plain and unassuming, the NAD MT 2 bridges the gap between amplifiers of the past with the latest network streamers of the present. Recognizing consumers’ desire to hear music from various sources, the NAD MT 2 can stream both music and Internet radio. When it comes to the design of the MT 2, outputs are both optical digital and analogue stereo, and features NAD’s DAC technology in order to deliver clear, crisp sound. NAD also created the NAD Media Tuner App to give consumers full control over the MT 2. The MT 2 packs one mean punch and is the perfect product to take your existing system to the next level.

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Stream music, listen to Internet radio

The NAD MT2 Media Tuner is an innovative little black box that offers an easy and affordable way to bring your existing Classic hi-fi or AV system straight into the 21st Century! Stream music, listen to Internet radio, and enjoy Spotify Connect™ with one simple connection. Outputs are Optical Digital or Analogue Stereo, featuring NAD DAC technology for sweet musical sound.

The MT2 is also a UPnP Client capable of streaming content from a UPnP capable computer or NAS server straight to your hi-fi system.

Get the App!

Control and setup the NAD MT2 with the free and easy-to-use NAD Media Tuner App, available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Android version: Here
iOS version: Here

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