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NAD brand guidelines

The logo is the core element of NAD’s visual identity. It should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered. The NAD logo should always be reproduced from a digital master reference, provided in various formats. Please use the appropriate format according to the purpose of the artwork being created.

The NAD Outline logo may be used when the solid variation does not suit the integrity of the design or on products. Any use of the Outline logo must be against a solid background. Patterns and images are not permissible as backgrounds to the Outline logo. It is preferred that the outline logo be used in white against a dark background. Only solid backgrounds are permissible for use with the NAD Outline logo. Where there is a light background, the NAD Red logo or NAD Black logo is preferred.

PLEASE NOTE: All users must download the new versions of the NAD logos and only use these versions from hereon in. Please delete or archive any old logos you have on file.


Click the logo below to change the background colour.

NAD logo
NAD logo
NAD logo


What To Do & What Not To Do

NAD brand guidelines

In order to maximise its visual presence, the NAD logo requires a surrounding area clear of any other graphic elements or text. The minimum area or ‘free space’ around the logo should be equal to the width of the ‘N’ of the logo at the size being used. The recommended minimum clearance is to protect the logo. The logo will appear on many different applications and formats and this will help to give it clarity and presence.

NAD brand guidelines

NAD brand guidelines


The logo must remain upright and on a level plane. It is not to be tilted, turned, cropped or altered in any way that would  represent anything but a square. For example, tilting the logo on its  corner will turn it into a diamond. The logo should not bleed off  the page and should remain a safe distance from the edge

NAD brand guidelines


The logo must always be sized large enough to be clearly visible and ‘NAD’ must be fully legible. The NAD logo does not have a maximum size; the Outline logo, however, should be used sparingly in large format applications. When using the NAD logo with those of other companies, the NAD logo should appear to have the same scale or weight as the other logos. Please adhere to the minimum area of isolation when using the NAD logo with others.

NAD logo


The logo must appear on a clean, uncluttered background. A white or black background is preferred, but if using other colours (see colour palette), the background should have sufficient contrast with the NAD logo to ensure maximum impact and visibility. Busy and heavy backgrounds or patterns are to be avoided. When using the NAD Outline logo, only solid backgrounds are permissible. Use of drop shadows, keylines, or any other elements on the NAD logo is not permissible.


Using Our Official Palette

NAD logo


NAD logo

The logo CANNOT
be in white on top of a solid colour background

NAD logo

NAD logo

Outline Colour Usage

If you use the NAD on a solid colour background you should use the outlined logo

All of the same rules of use apply to the outlined logo. It can only be in white on solid coloured background OR black on white background.


Colour Palette

Primary color
Primary color 2
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