NAD Amplifiers with PerfectPitch

PerfectPitch™ is an innovative program designed by NAD Electronics in collaboration with sister company, PSB Speakers, to match NAD amplifiers to PSB Speakers for a higher level of musical accuracy. Utilizing the powerful DSP engine present in NAD’s ground-breaking Direct Digital™ Amplifiers, PSB’s Chief Designer Paul Barton, has fine-tuned the response of some of the company’s most popular speaker models. This creates an amazing synergy between amplifier and speaker that dramatically raises the level of musical realism.

PerfectPitch™ utilizes carefully developed DSP filters to raise accuracy to a new height of perfection. Creating this level of accuracy using passive crossovers and mechanical driver features alone is nearly impossible, and at the very least is extremely expensive to achieve.

Now featured in NAD’s D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier, the first PSB Speakers models to benefit from PerfectPitch™ are the Imagine T Tower Loudspeaker and the Imagine mini. With PerfectPitch™ engaged on the NAD D 7050, the speakers sound smoother and more detailed in the midrange with enhanced bass extension. The midrange is less forward and more three-dimensional with superior depth and width. This creates a spacious and airy sound field with improved image focus. Currently, owners of the NAD D 7050 and PSB Imagine speakers will enjoy PerfectPitch™, because these precision filters are implemented in the digital domain without any sonic penalty from the amplifier point-of-view. In fact, the more efficient use of amplifier power improves the NAD D 7050’s performance.

The PerfectPitch™ program is available as a free firmware upgrade for all D 7050 owners and can be downloaded from here. Once installed, it is selected or bypassed using the D 7050 Remote App available free at the Apple App Store.

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