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User Review: PP-2 Phono Preamplifier - Amazing C352

February 19, 2007

Products: PP-2 Phono Preamplifier

I recently replaced an aging Hafler/Audio Design setup I had for 20 years. I needed a phono preamp as a given so it was a toss up between the Marantz PM7001 and the C352. I bought the NAD without a listen since I owned the miraculous 3020 original. I am so happy with this more powerful descendant. It is capable of real music reproduction. First, replace the amp-preamp jumper with high quality interconnects. Second, insure high quality interconnects on everything. Third, tighten all speaker connections, Fourth, use speaker bi-wire mode. Then sit back and listen to this thing explode or not. What bass! What sound-staging! What clarity! With the PP2 phono preamp I also bought, LP's are incredible. The amp has polish in spades. You need to treat this amp with all the respect afforded to megabuck components and it will overachieve. I recommend it without reservation but you need to use attention to detail in installation. The feet do an excellent job of isolation as well. Thank you NAD!!

E. J. Camunias

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