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User Review: C 352 Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Best budget amplifier

February 6, 2007

Products: C 352 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

When I first came in the HI-FI, I bought an used NAD C320BEE and a pair of Epos ELS3 speakers. Amazing combination! Sound was so pure and music never stop since then... A year ago, I move to the C352 amplifier driving a new pair of speakers. Terrific! I've never believed that a simple amplifier upgrade could deliver a cost-effective and better sound. It's powerful, crisp, clear and more refined than my old C320BEE. Big soundstage and transparency are their strengths. Everything change since then. To put it simply: NAD is THE entry brand in the HI-FI field. If you want a system that deliver an amazing breath taking sound, go for the NAD C352 amplifier (or even a C325BEE) and buy a pair of good speakers (like the Dynaudio's Audience 52) and you'll be truly shocked by how good a big orchestra is portrayed in your room or how close you can feel (believe me: FEEL) Diana Krall or Ella Fitzgerald in front of you, singing and performing only for you... Well done NAD.

Daniel Castro - Chile

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