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User Review: C 542 CD Player - Once bitten...

February 4, 2007

Products: C 542 CD Player

Once again... blown away. Running a T741 AV Receiver relying on DVD players' Digital outputs since my old Technics CD player packed up Treated myself to new speakers (large Mission M34i's) I started really noticing the limits of the DVD player so researched Denon, Onkyo, Marrantz and NAD separates. The C542 has been running almost 24 hours now with each disc sounding warmer, brighter; cleaner and more punchy than the last.. i'm finding it difficult to turn it off. What can I say; you've done it again NAD how did I ever doubt it or even bother looking at the other similar priced boxes. If you're spending less than £1000 on an item... dismiss NAD at your peril and waste your money on glitzy "arty" boxes instead. As for me; i'll be enjoying sound quality equal to yours for a third of the price, not caring if the outer shell doesn't shout 8x Oversampling, 24bit, Sigma Delta, MASH etc. NAD doesn't need to shout; it just IS; perfect. I'm playing everything from Mozart to Metallica.WOW

Nick M - Englad, UK

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