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User Review: T 773 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - A perfect compromise

February 1, 2007

Products: T 773 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

Every audio gear has it own sound (sound coloration), and there exist no audio gear that sounds completely neutral. Each person perceives sound differently, which reflect the different audio verdict for the same audio gear. I respect NAD no-nonsense audio philosophy and I admire how they succeed to deliver audio gear that has the musicality and the rhythm to entertain you that doesn’t cost too much. I have owned the NAD T773v2 for more then 2 years, and I’m not disappointed. This product has met my three major requirements that are following: 1. GREAT POWER 2. GOOD MUSICAL SOUND 3. LOW PRICE Before I purchased this gear I listen to Arcam 300, Rotel RSX-1057 and many more, but I end up with NAD T773v2. The T773v2 has no actual weaknesses, it sound very good, great of power, sufficient and essential features at a price far below competitor similar gear. This surround receiver will give you a very good musical sound, sufficient power at a low price. Highly recommended!!

Anders L - Stockholm, Sweden

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