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User Review: PP-2 Phono Preamplifier - Sounds great!!!

January 28, 2007

Products: PP-2 Phono Preamplifier

I have tried the PP-2 with a Denon DL-103R moving coil (my main cart right now) and a few moving magnets on my Technics SL-1200MKII. I may not have bought so many cartridges seeking nice, rich sound from vinyl if I'd only bought the NAD PP-2 first!!! I actually replaced a more expensive phono stage with the PP-2. Not sure if they'd want me to name it here... so I won't. It certanly sounded leaner than the PP-2, but not any more revealing in my opinion... and not as pleasant or musical. The PP-2 seems to play well with any cartridge, where some sounded unlistenably thin through the preamp I replaced. Haven't seen many consumer reviews on the web for the PP-2, so figured I'd add one. It's definitely deserving of a few kind words for the enjoyment it's brought me at such a reasonable price. Buy with confidence. Thanks for another great bargain NAD!!!

Roy - Cleveland, OH USA

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