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User Review: PP 3i Digital Phono Preamplifier - PP3i a great addition to my Sonos System

July 5, 2011

Products: PP 3i Digital Phono Preamplifier

I have used the Sonos wireless music system for about a year now and have been a CD only listener for years prior to that. But recently I've had a desire to get back into vinyl. I purchased a brand new Rega RP1 turntable and hooked it up to an old receiver in the basement where I previously had my Sonos ZP120 running my PSB Image B25 speakers. The Rega sounds great and I was having a great time listening to the new Fleet Foxes & Death Cab for Cutie on vinyl, not to mention a reissue of The Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man on Sundazed that is priceless. But the setup was cumbersome and left my ZP120 sitting idle. I hit upon the idea of connecting the Rega to the Sonos and the NAD PP3i seemed the perfect choice for doing so. This is a very neutral phono preamp. I feel like I'm hearing everything the Rega has to offer through it. The noise floor is low and the dynamic range is terrific. As a bonus - the NAD includes a switchable line input so I was able to connect my TV which used to be connected directly to the Sonos. Recording LP's is fairly easy once you learn your way around the VinylStudio software. Overall, an awful lot of fun and flexibility from a $199.00 component.

Mike - Quinn

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