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User Review: C 715 Compact Music Systems - Recommend the NAD C 715

June 2, 2011

Products: C 715 Compact Music Systems

I bought NAD 715C three years ago as a compact device with FM and to play CD discs to use it with 20-year-old acoustics Pioneer Speakers 3 Way S-P510 from my old musical center. I examined different similar CD Receivers (TEAC, ONKYO, Denon, YAMAHA etc) before decision what to buy. I chose NAD 715C, because the sound seemed to me the best of all other brands. And at the same time value for money was in favor of NAD 715C. I changed the speaker cable three times. Now speaker cable is DH Labs (Silver) ST-100, the sound became full and detailed. Old acoustics Pioneer S-P510 was better than some modern shelf acoustics. Japanese CD have great sound. CD with classic and modern music sounds perfectly. NAD 715C has an input USB, which allows you to record and to play with USB flash, and the sound is almost as CD. Managing by remote control convenient, allows any choice of a track when listening to a CD-ROM drive, and with flash. I recommend the use of the NAD 715C with high-quality acoustics, high-quality speaker cable, high-quality CD discs. Otherwise, the result will not be good enough.

Alexander - Moscow,Russia

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