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User Review: C 545BEE CD Player - Gap between last two tracks

January 9, 2011

Products: C 545BEE CD Player

I just bought the C545 and am very happy with the sound, but there is a very annoying problem. There is a short break between the last two tracks of CDs which do not have any gaps. Sure many people will not realize this, since pop and other CDs always have breaks between tracks, but live albums - or as for me classical music and opera continues through the trackmarks and you suddenly have this gap of silence between the last two tracks of CDs. I have had various CD players since the dawn of the CD medium, plus DVD players etc. Not one single player ever did that, not even the cheapest CD walkman. This should not happen with a hifi product from NAD. Having the problem, I searched the net and found out, that this is a well known bug that has been known for a long time and also appears in the C565 player, why has the bug not been taken care of and why are models sold now, not updated with a better firmware? This is not a little problem! I wonder if NAD cares to comment on this.


NAD Comment

NAD is aware of this software glitch and has communicated with all it's distributors to make the running change. Please contact your dealer or distributor in order to fix this problem for you. This may have just been a unit that was just overlooked for a software update

Dominique - Germamy

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