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User Review: C 525BEE CD Player - audiophile sound on a student's budget

January 15, 2007

Products: C 525BEE CD Player

I went to my local Hi-Fi shop (Overture Audio in Ann Arbor- recommended.) to hear the NAD. They set it up with a C325BEE amplifier and Paradigm loudspeakers. (I have Paradigms at home.) I was very impressed by the 525, especially for the price. I thought one had to spend a whole lot more to get sound like this. Don't be fooled by its modest appearance! The beauty lies within. I haven't heard the very expensive gear, but I don't feel the need to. With this player, I feel as if I have a completely new CD collection. Its sound is very smooth and I can listen for hours without feeling fatigued. Despite its comfortable character, it is very musical and detailed. Perhaps my favorite thing about my experience with the 525 is the impact it had on my mom. She was against my decision to purchase it and felt I was being extravagant. After listening to it briefly, she offered a one-word exclamation: "Wow!" My sentiments exactly.

Erik Bobeda - Ann Arbor, MI

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