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User Review: M2 Direct Digital Amplifier - Is this for real???

November 22, 2010

Products: M2 Direct Digital Amplifier

I have been a very happy owner of the Tact/Lyngdorf Millennium for a number of years, upgrading it each time until the Mk3 version. Went to all the annual hi-fi shows, but always came back feeling entirely satisfied with my set-up due to its transparency, darkness, resolving power/detail, speed, distortion free sound etc that the Millennium has to offer. It was, and still is, an excellent amp. I consider the Millennium way advance compared to what other 'high end' companies were bringing out year-on-year, and yet the Millennium is almost a 10-year old design. I did not find the impetus to change my equipment as there was nothing out there as good as it. A totally simple set-up - Transport to Millennium to speakers - that's all! It was not until the NAD M2 came out. Not wanting to sound like an audiophile snob - but when I saw the name NAD, I did not even bother to read about it. I thought it would be another Millennium wannabe, eg Sharp. (Yes, do know that Lyngdorf did have an interest in NAD, as my first remote control from the Millennium was an NAD one!). Then one review caught my eye, and I took the plunge. Scary! I never thought the day would come when I would actually part with my Millennium. But I did. It offered what the Millennium has to offer sonically, and more. I am now in audio nirvana with a truly simple set-up: Lyngdorf CD1 (by the way, an amazing transport with upsampling) via AES to the M2, and finally to a pair of Quad 2905s. Don't be a brand snob - you owe yourself to have a listen to it. I think it is a 'bargain' in terms of high-end amps. Thanks to Audio Emotion who made this journey painless and enjoyable - a truly first-class audiophile shop. To answer the question - the M2 is truly the real McCoy. It's only a question of 'when' the other brands take notice, and join in the bandwagon ... Michael, London UK P.S. I also run my 2905s using a second system - Quad 40ii and QC24 - both extreme ends of the spectrum in terms of technology!

Michael - London, UK

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