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User Review: C 545BEE CD Player - Defective in less than a year.

October 27, 2010

Products: C 545BEE CD Player

This is the second review submitted regarding this product. The first one was all about praise. Now less than 6 months later, all the buttons on the front panel stopped responding although the remote still can control the unit. Also, the disc spinning is noisier than average. Frankly I'm very dissapointed that I gave this brand a try. I don't even want a brand new replacement unit since that one will probably end up defective in a few months. Despite this, the sound is phenomenal and the unit looks sexy. Too bad quality control is down the drain.

NAD Comment

We are aware of the the hardware issue described by some C 545BEE owners and we understand their frustration. The problem of the front panel keys not working properly was due to some faulty switches, which affected a specific range of production on the C 545BEE. Since this problem has been reported by our consumers, we have worked to resolve the issue by replacing the faulty switches with an entirely new type of switch. We have found this solution to be successful. If you do experience this issue, please contact your dealer or local distributor who can fix it for you. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Peter - Canada

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C 545BEE CD Player

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