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User Review: C 165BEE Stereo Preamplifier - Outstanding Value!

October 25, 2010

Products: C 165BEE Stereo Preamplifier

This is my first NAD product and I've got to say I am impressed with the build quality and very impressed with the sound quality. More than I expected to be actually. I had been using a mid-level A/V receiver's pre outs to drive a 200W stereo amp and I really thought the sound was great. I mainly just needed a tape monitor circuit to put an EQ in. But after a few hours of listening, I'm amazed at the improvement. Better treble, better bass, better clarity and much quieter (which I did expect). So I am really thrilled. I would never have believed a pre-amp could make this much difference in sound but I am a believer now! Build quality is a definite step above mass market, with a heavy gauge chassis and solid feeling controls. Sub out, tone, balance and a 12V trigger...full featured AND stellar sound. Thanks NAD!

Doug McCall - Missouri, USA

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