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User Review: 2140 Stereo Power Amplifier - Still Rockin since 1980

October 23, 2010

Products: 2140 Stereo Power Amplifier

I bought my first 2140 in 1980 with a series 20 preamp and large advent speakers. In 1981 I upgraded to another 2140 with 4150 tuner and added to Boston acoustic A200 speakers as well. I was 18 at the time. Now at age 46, college and several moves behind me, thet still are working great. Now they face the challange of the second generation of teenagers, who like me in the 1980' and 1990's, pushes them to the limits. (Thank you God for NAD Soft Clipping.) Although the speakers gave out a long time ago, the NAD seperates continue on. They are rough around their edges with cases scarred, but the insides are strong as ever. Who knows, a 3rd generation may also rock out to these pieces. These amplifiers and other NAD seperates are a 3 decade old testament to the material quality, workmanship and innovative design of the engineers and staff of NAD. thanks for 30 years plus of great audio.

Dan - Minnesota

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2140 Stereo Power Amplifier

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