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User Review: M2 Direct Digital Amplifier - Proud owner of a NAD M2

September 22, 2010

Products: M2 Direct Digital Amplifier

I am a proud owner of a NAD M2, which has displaced £23k of Weiss DAC and Vitus Class A amp from my system. It drives my pair of Quad 2905 ESL's beautifully. My original Nordost silver (Valhalla) speaker cable is a little too bright, the new Vevox Textura copper takes the edge off and makes it sound a little cosy again, very nice indeed. This amp realistically ends the justification for Class A/B conventional amp designs. All credit too for not pricing it in the performance league of it's piers, IMHO it holds its own against the best solid state designs. It does need good clean power, and lots of it - I have found a direct power cable like Valhalla is justiified, it helps the music to breath dynamically. An audiophile bargain that's almost cheating the entry to elite high end music systems. (I wish NAD would build a Squeezebox system compatible digital transport, or even server with SSD etc.) Of note it also makes the need for analogue interconnects, power conditioning and vibration control obsolete, further increasing it's value in a system. A superb product - well done NAD !!!

Steve - Trieste, Italy

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