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User Review: L54 DVD Receiver - Follow Up

July 24, 2010

Products: L54 DVD Receiver

I still have my L54. After re-reading my review I thought I might have been a bit harsh. I still like my L54 & use it about every day. I recommend it, and it is still a fairly unique assembly. Unfortunately, I did have an occasional problem. The right channel would develop some distortion after being used over several months. I would go through the factory reset procedure & the distortion would disappear. I talked to the NAD Tech while it was still under warranty & he was the one who recommended the reset. Still, it bothered me that I had to do this occasionally. A year or so later, NAD allowed me to take it to a service center, even tho it was well out of warranty. They found a bad relay & it was fixed at no cost to me! Thanx NAD for great service. I remain a NAD fan.

RMV - Michigan

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