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User Review: 7155 Stereo Receiver - NAD 7155 beautiful sound

July 21, 2010

Products: 7155 Stereo Receiver

I just purchased a NAD 7155 on ebay. 55 wpc. Hooked up through my computer to Dynaco A25 speakers. This combination of speaker and amp is absolutely perfect. There is no comparison to my previous amp Yamaha RX-496. The NAD is In a totally different league. I read on various audio forums where it is suggested that there are vast differences in the way amplifiers sound. I never believed it. I do now. The sound from the NAD 7155 is somehow fuller, more transparent, more powerful bass (not muddy). I love my Dynaco A25s and am beginning to love the NAD 7155. I got mine for $81 on ebay. I hope it last a long time - if not, I will buy another NAD, Maybe this time a brand new one!!

Tim - Louisiana

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