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User Review: C 525BEE CD Player - SuperBEE

January 3, 2007

Products: C 525BEE CD Player

I have had this CD player for about 2 months now and I am very impressed by it. I have just sold my old CD player (a 24 bit player from a rivalling company.) The first thing that struck me was the pure musicality of this CD player. The S/N ratio was about 4 dB better than my previous one and that made a huge difference. I have a collection of test CDs and it was a sheer delight to listen to how well the C525BEE performed. Transients were mercilessly sharp and yet the musicality prevailed throughout. My speakers are Audio Pro Avanti A.10 stand speakers plus an Avanti SW-500 subwoofer (which gives me a frequency range of 20 Hz - 40 kHz) and I enjoyed the entire audio range of this CD player. I think it will be a very long time before I even consider looking at another CD player and that will, when it comes, also be a NAD. This CD player is a winner!

Robin - Linköping, Sweden

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