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User Review: C 715 Compact Music Systems - A great sound with excellent connectivity options

June 4, 2010

Products: C 715 Compact Music Systems

I bought my C715 about 18 months ago. Recently divorced, my ex-spouse had kept most of our hi fi and I was looking for something compact to play music in my new digs, a small townhouse. I auditioned several mini and micro systems before choosing the C715 and PSB Alpha B1 speakers. I chose the C715 for several reasons: • Sound. • Connectivity. • Compact dimensions. • Value for money. I find the sound of the C715 / Alpha B1 combo suits my ear - deep clean bass, focused mid- range and clear treble. Ideally, the speakers should be another half-metre apart but my tiny TV lounge / listening room doesn't allow it. Consequently, the soundstage isn't as broad as it could be but, suprisingly, there are some surround effects when watching movies. I don't listen much to radio but the FM tuner gives good sound from a strong signal. Connectivity was a big factor in my choosing the C715. It was the only system I found which can record to, as well as play back from, USB. Although I have both reel-to-reel and cassette recorders, limited space means they can't be permanently installed. USB recording allows easier compilation of mixes from vinyl which can then be burned to CD on my Mac. My record deck, which has a built-in phono stage, is input to the C715 via the Aux connection. There are also two tape loops which I find amazing in a machine this compact. One, marked Video, can be used as input only so my DVD / TV setup is input there. The loop marked Tape is used for one of my recorders when I want higher quality than MP3 can give me via USB. Other connectivity options are not used (see the specification). On the negative side, the C715 / Alpha B1 combo emphasises sibilance on some recordings - vinyl, CD and DVD. I don't know whether this is down to the C715, the speakers or the recordings. Also, on about a dozen of my CDs, the player mechanism 'rings' for the first 3 or 4 tracks. This can sometimes be resolved by reloading the disc. It's a mystery as to why it only happens wirh these few CDs. I'm impressed by what NAD has managed to cram into the compact casing. The power output of 20W pc into 8Ω is not much on paper but I seldom go past 48 on a volume scale of 62 and when I did once ease up to 58, room effects started to dominate the sound from about 54. Great value for money.

Peter Keene - Cape Town

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