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User Review: C 545BEE CD Player - Superb CD Player

May 7, 2010

Products: C 545BEE CD Player

My hifi system sounded overly bright and forward and cold. Listening fatigue set in early so I wanted to switch out my $200 panasonic dvd/cd player to see if that would do the trick. Purchased the C 545Bee and hooked it up with $20 dollar RCA cables. What a difference! I thought all CD players would sound the same but they don't. I noticed right away that music sounded more "warm." Presentation was very refined and relaxing; not "in your face overly bright." The vocals were intimate and involving. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. The unit is simple looking but is sturdy, heavy and i like the no-nonsense buttons on front. Disc loading, reading and track selection is might fast. Wouldn't hesistate to buy it again.

Peter - Canada

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C 545BEE CD Player

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