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User Review: M25 7-Channel Amplifier - Lifetime worth of an amp

February 27, 2010

Products: M25 7-Channel Amplifier

I considered Parasoung, Anthem, Rotel, and NAD amp in my search. I've always been a fan of NAD. I ended my search with the M25 based on reviews I read, and a customer of mine advising how much it improved his soundstage. Owning a decent high current receiver, I expected a nice improvement, but not to the level I received. The M25 has outstanding dynamic power, and delivery ZERO audible distortion within my setup. On top of that, the width of my soundstage widened considerably and DIY speakers disappeared gracefully into the room. The other thing that impressed me was the control the amp has over the low bass. For the first 10 months of owning it, I didn't have an subwoofer and my mains/centre (three identical towers) were set to large and did a great job producing decent deep bass. Something that did not occur with my previous receiver.

Ryan from Whitby, ON - Purchased through Liptons, Newmarket, ON

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