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User Review: M25 7-Channel Amplifier - M-25 Amplifier Fantastic!!

January 1, 2007

Products: M25 7-Channel Amplifier

I have been building my system for years it seems. Trying to mix a good HT system while not compromising my two channel audio. Until now I have not had much luck with multi channel amplifiers. I just purchased the Master Series M-25. The look of class, The build quality was there, but what about the audio qualities! I am blown away on how dynamic and rich the audio is. My 2 channel audio is detailed, transparent and full of life. I had tried amplifiers twice the price and they didnt stand up to the performance of the M-25. It has not even broken in yet! My father was Manager of the Atlanta Symphony so I grew up with the love of music and music reproduction. Great going NAD!! On the Home Theater side their is also no compromise! Movie sound tracks are detailed and dynamic with the power to kick you in the chest if so desired but the dynamics are there on low volumes as well. A multi channel amp that gives you everything? The NAD M-25 is it. Alex White Audio Connection

Alex White - Virginia Beach, Va.

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