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User Review: T 535 Universal DVD Player - Awesome performance with average "logic"

September 16, 2009

Products: T 535 Universal DVD Player

I have order T535 after testing T585, and the reason I opt for it is 535's "all-round" capability. It was a "blind order", and I don't regret. As an "audio piece" it has remarkable sound quality (especially for the value) and to be honest I haven't noticed too much difference comparing to similarly priced CD players. Plus, I was extremely surprised with quality of mp3 with high bitrate (I know, puritans will say that audio CD and mp3 are incomparable but you should try it first). Although I didn't care too much about video quality, connected with LG 32LG300, video performance was good as well. However, I have spotted some drawbacks, mostly with user interface which is just not well thought off. For example, you can't skip to certain time in a movie (and FF of 4x is just too slow), file browser do not scroll file names, and remote is strangely non-ergonomic (button position) All of these faults wouldn't put me off of a purchase, but I expected not to have them for the value

Milan - Belgrade

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