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User Review: T 763 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - Abosolute Clarity

December 27, 2006

Products: T 763 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

I bought the T763 after months of looking and listening. My wife owns a NAD L40 stereo amp and we were looking for an AV receiver that would deliver the same "stereo quality". Most retailers in South Africa are very anti-NAD, so much that I in fact wrote a letter of complaint to the South African importers. Each time I went into a retailer that was a NAD agent they tried to talk me out of NAD and threw Denon, HK and Marantz in my face. Finally with the help of the importers we hooked up with a retailer that wanted to sell NAD. The T 763 along with the PSB Image speakers are awesome sounding, stereo sound is so crisp and clear, it far surpasses anything we listened to. (and we listened to a LOT) The biggest drawback is that the system is so good that we have begun to notice how poor the quality of many DVD's are. It seems that many artist are suddenly bringing out DVD's and these are all some pseudo stereo mix with a echo in the back. The T763 is a brilliant product.

Peter - Cape Town - South Africa

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